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Wk 11. Statistical Model Validation

Lecture Date: November 2, 2020 - Monday
Lecturer: Asynchronous video assignment

This week will tackle the topic of statistical models and how they can deceive the masses. The lecture will be an asynchronous video assignment of an inspiring talk by Dr. Andrew Gelman. Access the video here.

Assigned material:

  • Gelman, A., Skardhamar, T., & Aaltonen, M. (2018). Type M error can explain Weisburd’s paradox. Journal of Quantitative Criminology.
  • Lin, M., Lucas Jr, H. C., & Shmueli, G. (2013). Research commentary—too big to fail: large samples and the p-value problem. Information Systems Research, 24(4), 906-917.
  • Pearl, J. (2014). Comment: understanding Simpson’s paradox. The American Statistician, 68(1), 8-13.

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