I am a researcher passionate about developing data-driven solutions (from problem formulation to implementation). I am experienced in developing human behavior models using statistical modeling, machine learning, and agent-based modeling approaches.

I am familiar with many data science-related technologies and programming languages including Hadoop (Hive), Python (scikit-learn), and Java (Smile, Encog, WEKA). I love explaining technical jargon in everyday language.

I've applied my data-driven modeling experience in a wide range of applications including

  • human mobility (statistical models of daily movement patterns see my github project)
  • human mobility (simulation models of daily mobility)
  • cybersecurity (malware spread simulations; modeling the attacker)
  • tourism (text analytics of tourist visit feedbacks)
  • online user behavior analysis (on cloudes.me)

Technical Skills

Data Mining, Machine Learning, and Visualization:

  • Topics: Behavioral data mining,sentiment analysis and opinion mining, predictive analytics,and 2D data visualization.
  • Techniques: Artificial neural networks, decision trees, Bayesian networks, KNN, SVM, map visualization, and heat maps.
  • Tools: Java(Encog,WEKA,Smile),Hadoop, HDFS, MapReduce, Hive, HiveUDF, Matlab, Python, D3, and QGIS.

Statistical Modeling and Analysis:

  • Topics: Frequentist statistics, Bayesian statistics, data modeling, and hypothesis testing.
  • Techniques: Descriptive statistics, Bayesian networks, Markov chains, MCMC, Q-QPlot, ANOVA, and K-S test.
  • Java, Matlab, Python, and R.

Simulation Modeling:

  • Topics: Human behavior, human mobility, cybersecurity,spatial models,and industrial models.
  • Techniques: Agent-Based Simulation, Discrete-Event Simulation, Monte Carlo Simulation,and System Dynamics.
  • Tools: MASON, AnyLogic, NetLogo, Arena, and Vensim.

Programming and Databases:

  • Topics: Web-based software, mobile applications,desktop software, relational databases, non-relational databases, and distributed databases.
  • Techniques: Service-oriented architecture, MVC architecture, layered architecture, object-oriented design, agile development, versioning, SQL databases, and no-SQL databases (BSON-based, key-value).
  • Tools: Java, JavaScript, C#, Python, Matlab, R, C, C++, Git, SVN, PostgreSQL(PostGIS), MySQL, Hive, MongoDB, and Redis.