V&V as a Service

Verification and Validation (V&V) is one of the main processes in simulation development and is essential for increasing the credibility of simulations. Due to the extensive time requirement and the lack of common V&V practices, simulation projects often conduct ad-hoc V&V checks using informal methods. On Feb 7, 2020, I gave a talk in my department to discuss the building blocks of a new Verification and Validation platform, which can be utilized Software as a Service. This work-in-progress platform aims to improve V&V practices by facilitating ease of use, increasing accessibility to V&V techniques, and establishing independence from simulation paradigm and programming language. The platform relies on the seamless integration of web technologies, data management, discovery & analysis techniques of (V&V), and cloud computing. In the talk, I described the technical details of this platform, present a proof-of-concept implementation, and draw a roadmap for future developments.

If you are curious, here are the slides from my talk.

It is that time of the year again! Spring Simulation Conference 2020 is around the corner. This time, the conference will be hosted by my institution, George Mason University. If interested in submitting a paper, the deadline is January 22, 2020. Accepted papers will be archived in the IEEE and ACM Digital Libraries.

SpringSim CfP

And some highlights from the second day of WinterSim 2019…

We had a very exciting WinterSim Conference this year. Together with Dr. Abdolreza Abhari, we organized the Big Data in Simulation track at the conference. Our track hosted six excellent talks covering different aspects of the intersection of big data and simulations. Here are some highligths from the first day of the event.

WinterSim Logo

I have the privilege to co-lead the Big Data in Simulation track this year at WinterSim together with Abdolreza Abhari from Ryerson University. This year, we accepted five papers which will be presented in two sessions. I will be at the National Harbor, MD to participate in the conference from December 8 to December 11, 2019. Hope to see you there.