Verification and Validation Framework for COVID-19 Models

Lead Investigators

  • Hamdi Kavak

Student and Senior Collaborators

  • Maura Lapoff (MS student w/ CSS concentration - 2021-current)

Project Dates



In this project, we present a verification and validation (V&V) framework to evaluate COVID-19 forecasting models on their report of eight V&V-related components: (1) Conceptual Model, (2) Code and Calculation Verification, (3) Data Validation, (4) Parameter Estimation, (5) Initialization, (6) Uncertainty Estimation, (7) Output Validation, and (8) Model-to-Model Comparison. The framework provides a structured method to qualitatively evaluate these models based on their reported V&V practices. We applied this framework as a checklist for nine models included in the COVID-19 Forecast Hub. One model scored the highest score by supporting seven components, while the lowest-ranked model scored only two. This framework can serve as part of a larger framework to qualitatively and quantitatively examine COVID-19 models’ V&V reported practices and provide credibility for those models that perform well and robust in model construction.

Publications & Presentations

  • Towards a Verification and Validation Framework for COVID-19 Forecast Models.
    M. Lapoff and H. Kavak 2021 Annual Modeling and Simulation Conference (ANNSIM), Fairfax, VA, USA (Online), July 19-22, 2021
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