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Wk 01. Models in Science

Lecture Date: August 24, 2020 - Monday
Lecturer: Dr. Hamdi Kavak

In this lecture, we will examine what a model is in science and why we develop models. Our discussion will be extensive, with aspects of models ranging from philosophical roots to practical implications. Finally, we will conclude the lecture by discussing why all models are assumed wrong.



Assigned material:

  • Frigg, Roman, and S. Hartmann. “Models in Science.” Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy (2006).
  • Shmueli, Galit. “To explain or to predict?.” Statistical science 25.3 (2010): 289-310.
  • Epstein, Joshua M. “Why model?.” Journal of Artificial Societies and Social Simulation 11.4 (2008): 12.
  • Rosenblueth, Arturo, and Norbert Wiener. “The role of models in science.” Philosophy of science 12.4 (1945): 316-321.
  • Dhar, Vasant. “Data science and prediction.” Communications of the ACM 56.12 (2013): 64-73.

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