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Wk 06. Computational Techniques to Support Simulation Model Validation

Lecture Date: September 28, 2020 - Monday
Lecturer: Dr. Hamdi Kavak

Simulation models require employing many algorithmic techniques or heuristics to increase confidence in models. This lecture will focus on three such techniques addressing verification and validation challenges:

  1. Warm up periods and steady-state simulation.
  2. Calibration and parameter estimation.
  3. Sensitivity analysis and sampling.



Code Examples:

Assigned material:

  • Balci, Osman. “Verification, validation, and testing.” Handbook of simulation 10.8 (1998): 335-393.
  • Mahajan, P. S., & Ingalls, R. G. (2004, December). Evaluation of methods used to detect warm-up period in steady state simulation. In Proceedings of the 2004 Winter Simulation Conference, 2004. (Vol. 1). IEEE.
  • Kleijnen, J. P. (2005). An overview of the design and analysis of simulation experiments for sensitivity analysis. European Journal of Operational Research, 164(2), 287-300.
  • Cevik, M., Ergun, M. A., Stout, N. K., Trentham-Dietz, A., Craven, M., & Alagoz, O. (2016). Using active learning for speeding up calibration in simulation models. Medical Decision Making, 36(5), 581-593.
  • Yu, M., & Fan, W. D. (2017). Calibration of microscopic traffic simulation models using metaheuristic algorithms. International Journal of Transportation Science and Technology, 6(1), 63-77.

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