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Wk 02. Verification and Validation Fundamentals

Lecture Date: August 31, 2020 - Monday
Lecturer: Dr. Hamdi Kavak

In this lecture, we will discuss the basics of verification and validation (V&V) of models. We will start with V&V and its terminology from the lenses of different domains, such as modeling and simulation, software engineering, and systems engineering. Then, we will briefly talk about how simulation verification evolved. Since V&V is not an independent part of model development, we will investigate V&V’s role in various well-respected model development processes and lifecycles. Finally, the lecture will be completed by introducing different types of verification and validation techniques.



Assigned material:

  • Lynch, Christopher J., Diallo, Saikou Y., Kavak, Hamdi, and Padilla, Jose. “A content analysis-based approach to explore simulation verification and identify its current challenges.” PloS one 15.5 (2020): e0232929.
  • Sargent, Robert G. “Verification and validation of simulation models.” Journal of simulation 7.1 (2013): 12-24.
  • Beyer, D., & Lemberger, T. (2017, November). Software verification: Testing vs. model checking. In Haifa Verification Conference (pp. 99-114). Springer, Cham.
  • Thacker, B.H.; Doebling, S.W.; Hemez, F.M.; Anderson, M.C.; Pepin, J.E.; Rodriguez, E.A. Concepts of Model Verification and Validation.
  • The MITRE Systems Engineering Guide. Pages: 419-424, Pages: 461-469

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