I believe teaching and research should support each other as much as possible so that both students and instructors get something intellectually simulating. In that respect, I opted for teaching and designing classes that involve a significant research component. Currently, I am teaching three such classes at George Mason University.

  1. Modeling and Simulation 1 (CDS 230)
  2. Verification and Validation of Models (CSI 709/CSS 739)
  3. Spatial Agent-Based Models of Human-Environment Interactions (CSS 645)

Last updated on Jan 6, 2021.

Modeling and Simulation 1 (CDS 230)

Semesters offered: Fall 2019, Spring 2020, Fall 2020 (Online), Spring 2021 (Online)

I am the course coordinator and instructor for Modeling and Simulation 1 (CDS 230) course at George Mason University. The GitHub repository for the class is located at github.com/hamdikavak/cds230. You can watch the welcome video to learn more about this course.

Verification and Validation of Models (CSI 709/CSS 739)

Semesters offered: Fall 2020 (Online)

Computational models come in different forms ranging from machine learning models that predict/classify patterns to agent-based models that investigate emergent phenomena from a bottom-up perspective. Regardless of their form, all computational models should go through the Verification and Validation (V&V) process, which checks the correctness of the model design and performance. The proliferation of high-level frameworks and tools make it possible to bypass or overlook such steps. This graduate-level course aims to teach and improve V&V practices, which is considered as an essential methodological step in model development. Some of the topics include terminology and history of V&V, statistics for V&V, verification techniques, validation techniques, validation of data-driven models, and validation in the absence of data, among many others. Students will further their knowledge with writing assignments and a term project.

V&V Class

Spatial Agent-Based Models of Human-Environment Interactions (CSS 645)

Semesters offered: Spring 2021 (Online)

I will be teaching this class in Spring 2021 as a continuation from Dr. Andrew Crooks’ Spring 2020 version.

Course summary from the university catalog:

Discusses key challenges in spatial modeling of human-environment interactions. Reviews agent-based modeling applications in urban and rural interactions, agriculture, forestry, and other areas. Hand-on development of simple ABM models. Investigates linkages between GIS and ABM.