The second invited lecture for the new verification and validation of models course is this coming Monday (Oct 12, 2020) at 7:20 PM EST with Dr. William (Bill) Kennedy from GMU. Dr Kennedy will give a lecture titled “Verification and Validation within Cognitive Modeling of Individuals”. If you’re interested in joining the lecture, please email me (see the flyer below) to receive the Zoom invitation link.

Kennedy Flyer

Lecture summary:

This presentation will be on the practice of V&V within the field of Cognitive Science and in particular Cognitive Modeling within Cognitive Science. The presentation will start with a demonstration of a cognitive phenomenon and a cognitive model of the human cognition behind it. Cognitive modeling will be introduced along with its relation to Artificial Intelligence. The practice of V&V in cognitive modeling relies on cognitive architectures and multiple lines of reasoning to support its models. The application of V&V to the ACT-R cognitive architecture and a specific cognitive model of intuitive learning will be discussed.