The fourth invited lecture for the new verification and validation of models course is on Monday (Nov 09, 2020) at 8:00 PM EST. This week, Dr. Philippe Giabbanelli, Associate Professor at Miami University (OH), will give a lecture titled “How to validate subjective perspectives? A computational examination of Fuzzy Cognitive Maps and Agents’ Cognitive Architectures”. If you’re interested in joining the lecture, please email me (see the flyer below) to receive the Zoom invitation link.

Giabbanelli Flyer

Lecture summary:

Humans routinely make decisions under uncertainty and occasionally express contradictory beliefs. This complexity is often lost in an agent-based model, in which modelers equip agents with cognitive architectures that may over-simplify behaviors or lack transparency. The technique of Fuzzy Cognitive Mapping (FCM) allows to externalize the perspectives of a person or group into an aggregate model consisting of a causal map and an inference engine. An FCM may be used as the ‘virtual brain’ of an agent, thus providing rich human behaviors that are transparently acquired from participants. This talk will focus on validating FCMs and hybrid FCM/ABM models.