I am excited to announce that we are hiring 6 undergraduate and 2 graduate students to work with us for 11 weeks as part of the GMU Summer Team Impact Project (2021). In this period, we will investigate the inclusion of the spatial and temporal variation of human behavior in the spread of COVID-19. Students with a background in one of the following topics are encouraged to apply:

  • Data management & processing (especially geographic data)
  • Data mining and machine learning
  • Agent-based modeling
  • Knowledge and interest in respiratory disease dynamics or behavioral psychology

Duration and Compensation:
Students are expected to treat this opportunity as a full-time job for the period of May 31 to August 13, 2021. Undergraduate students will be paid a $4,000 stipend and graduate students will be paid $6,000 across five pay periods in the summer (payment occurs every two weeks).

How to Apply:
Students must submit a cover letter and resume as part of their application. Undergraduate students should apply via the Handshake platform (search for Job ID # 4429299) by March 18, 2021. Graduate students can directly send their application package to Dr. Hamdi Kavak.

Project mentors: Drs. Hamdi Kavak, Taylor Anderson, Andreas Zufle, and Amira Roess

STIP-2021 position