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I made it! I have officially started my tenure-track position at the Computational and Data Sciences Dept. at George Mason University. I am joining many prominent faculty of the department including Dr. Rob Axtell and Dr. Andrew Crooks. I am also affiliated with the Center for Social Complexity. I will add more details on my research plans soon.

Our paper titled ‘Location-Based Social Simulation’ was presented in the 16th International Symposium on Spatial and Temporal Databases and won the best paper runner-up award. In this paper, we presented a vision on addressing several challenges associated with real world dataset by introducing an agent-based data generator. The paper is available here.

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Two news from the Spring Simulation Conference 2019, held at Tucson, Arizona.

  • Joon-Seok Kim and I were at the conference to disseminate our work titled ‘Advancing simulation experimentation capabilities with runtime interventions’. This work looks at providing a dynamic what-if experimentation capability for agent-based simulations via automated runtime interventions.
  • I have co-chaired the Humans, Societies and Artificial Agents sub-track with Saikou Diallo and Teresa Crea. Our sub-track contributors presented their work in four paper presentation sessions and two panel sessions. Dr. Cathleen Carley among many prominent researchers participated in both paper presentation and panel sessions.

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I’ve co-authored a SIGSPATIAL newsletter article w/ Joon-Seok Kim and Andrew Crooks about using procedural city generators for a broader urban research. You can find the full text here.

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With my team members from GMU and Tulane University, we organized the GeoSim 2018 Workshop as part of the SIGSPATIAL 2018 (Seattle, Washington, USA). We invited innovative research topics that combine simulation and geospatial modeling. The workshop program included invited talks, paper presentations, and a panel discussion. More details are at